Isaac's Miss Spider Adventure / Dunk the One Ring Game

If you are using a slower internet connection this game may take a while to load (lots of images), but stick it out for a fun time. See game directions below.



The goal of this game is to slide the "key piece" out the opening. To do this click and drag the various blocks around the grid to open up a way out. If you are using the Miss Spider theme than Isaac is the key piece. If you are using the hobbit theme than the One Ring is the key piece.


There are two possible themes you can play with. You can move between the two different themes whenever you want to simply by choosing them from the drop down box labeled "Themes:". The first theme is the Miss Spider ("Bugs") theme where the goal is to get Isaac out the forrest to Miss Spider's Birthday Party. The graphics for this theme were shamelessly ripped of from Miss Spider's Tea Party and Miss Spider's Counting Book by David Kirkes. The second themes is the "Hobbits" theme where the goal is to bring the One Ring to Mount Doom. The graphics for this theme were taken from the Middle Earth Collectable card game.


There are different game set ups of varying difficulty which can be played. You can play different games by choosing them from the drop down box labeled "Games". The higher the game number the harder the game. There are five different levels for the games: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Grand Master. The level for each game will appear at the top right of the playing grid. To start the game over simply hit the "Reset" button.


If you can't figure out how to solve the game, there is a way to see the solution. By clicking the "Solution" button you can view the solution. The first time you click the button the game will reset to the origianl start position. Then simply keep clicking the same button until the key piece gets out of the opening.